Lipsticks Review: Flat Out Fabulous & Heroine By MAC

Hello Everyone,

As you all know I love beauty almost as much as I love Fashion right? Well, my favorite makeup product its Lipstick. And the reason being is that I always prefer to emphasize my lips rather then my eyes. I wear glasses everyday and I think I look better with a more simple eye makeup (no exaggerated smokey eyes).

With that said, I recently bought some nice lipstick colors for this spring/summer season and I thought I would share it here with you since I haven’t talked to you about beauty for a while now.
I will be sharing some informations about these amazing products by MAC, their finish, the colors, the application and the texture.

Lastly, I wanted to say that I’m not a beauty expert. I’m just giving you informations about thoughts on these products in order to help you in case you want to purchase one of them

Flat Out Fabulous By MAC
This beauty is the perfect Fuchsia plum Pinky with a slight blue undertone. It has that retro matte finish which tend to leave your lips very dry but if you apply a moisturizer before, it can help a lot. It applies quite easy but as I already mentioned always moisturize your lips first.
Flat out Fabulous suits every skin tone in my opinion. It’s also a very versatile lipstick which you can wear for various occasions and also for during the day.
It retail for €18.50.
I’m in love with this color! I mean, really in love! What about you?

Heroine By MAC
Is described as a violet/purple with a Satin Finish, which moisturizes your lips a little and doesn’t leave them dry.
Heroine applies much easier than Flat out Fabulous because of its creamy consistency. Although it’s also described as a Matte, in my opinion it’s a very soft version of the Matte lipsticks from MAC.
Heroine doesn’t suit everyone as other lipsticks from MAC but its definitely one of my favorite lipsticks so far. I’ve been wearing it a lot since I bought it and I totally recommend it! It also retails for €18.50!

Hope you enjoy this review loves! Have a lovely week ahead!